Above  - Logo design development. The top 20 logo ideas / concepts presented.
  Below  - A selection of storyboards from the initial concept of a fast camera shutter-based animation. The athletes interact with natural elements such as water, lightning, clouds, fire . The idea is that Brazil is a tropical country with amazing weather. This all takes place within the sporting arena.
CTRI A02.jpg
CTRI A03.jpg
CTRI A04.jpg
CTRI A05.jpg
CTRI A06.jpg
CTRI A08.jpg
CTRI A09.jpg
CTRI A10.jpg
CTRI A13.jpg
CTRI A14.jpg
CTRI A15.jpg
CTRI A16.jpg
CTRI A17.jpg
CTRI A18.jpg
  Below  - After reviewing concept one, we change directions and made Rio's iconic location our backdrop. This gave the opener more levels of interest and made the final sequence more dynamic. We also change the logo to make the word RIO more prominent.
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