Below  - We presented five styles each with individual animation ideas. The Speed Channel a selected a style and we developed into the final design. 
SPEE A23.jpg
SPEE A20.jpg
SPEE A22.jpg
SPEE A21.jpg
SPEE A24.jpg
SPEE A25.jpg
  Below  - is a selection of the final storyboards.
SPEE B01.jpg
SPEE B03.jpg
SPEE B06.jpg
SPEE B07.jpg
SPEE B10.jpg
SPEE B11.jpg
SPEE B12.jpg
SPEE B13.jpg
SPEE B14.jpg
SPEE B15.jpg
SPEE B16.jpg
SPEE B17.jpg
SPEE B18.jpg
SPEE B19.jpg
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