SCENE 1: Duration 1 second. Shot 1 . Pam Ann arriving on moped at airport.  Description:  billboard signage at airport in background and retro fifties bricks.
  Scene 2: Duration 2 seconds, Shot 2 - 4.   Pam Ann approaches pilot and spanks his bottom. He looks at her in shock, then smiles and winks.  Description:  retro airport with logo on carpet.
  Scene 3: Duration 1 second, Shot 5.  Lighting cigarette or blowing smoke rings.    Description:  located in Pam Ann airport bar lounge with the logo in the background.
  Scene 4: Duration 1 second, Shot 06.  Pam Ann popping champagne (the bottle opens and champagne bursts out) or shaking a cocktail mixer.  Description:  In Pan Ann airport bar lounge.
  Scene 5: Duration 1 second. Shot 07.  Standing at departure gate with big sign ‘departing now, Paris (underneath) with lights flashing indicating the last call. Pam Ann is doing her makeup (lipstick) with a compact, ignoring the customers.  Description:  Pam Ann logo in background.
 Scene 6: Duration 2 seconds, Shot 8-10.   Dancing hostesses and ground crew do a 50's style synchronised performance at the stairs of the plane. We go to a closeup of Pam Ann at the top of the stairs, saluting.    Description:  stairwell of modern plane.
  Scene 7:  Duration 1 second. Shot 7- 8.  Plane takes off to exotic location with Pam Ann and passengers inside.  Description:  Pam Ann plane with logo on tail. Comedy Channel logos on other planes.
  Other Scene ideas:  Moped chasing the plane down the runway. Walking through airport with lots of hanging shopping bags.
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